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5 Amazing Spiders from around the world.

These are only a very small selection of Amazing Spiders from around the world. The Spiders are among the most abundant predators in the world and have adapted to almost any imaginable habitat except for the sea. There is countless number of species and many of then are still unknown to science.

1. Scorpion Tailed Spider

The significant of the name is that the female's weired abdomen of this Spider ended in a "tail" similar to that of a scorpion. When threatened, the scorpion-tailed spider arches this tail as a scorpion would.
Butt it is also to be noted that the "male" spider of the category looks more like an ordinary spider and much smaller. They are mostly harmless and spin circular webs. They often found in colonies, although each female spider has its own webs and does not venture into those of other families. Scorpion-Tailed Spider is found exclusively in "Australia".

2. Myrmarachne plataleoides

Many other Species of above mentioned spiders are found around the World's tropies and they imitate many different kinds of aggressive ant but this species is an incredible example of batesian mimicry when one animal deters potential predetors by "disguising" as an upalatable or dangerous animal of another species. Its a jumping spider that looks like a weaver Ant. Many birds, reptiles and amphibians scared of Weaver Ant because of its painful bites that the painful condition lasts for several days.

Myrmarachne plataleoides on the otherhand is harmless and shy ones though it pretends to be just as tough by looking and walking almost exactly as a weaver Ant. Its front section is modified so that its looks like the distinct head and thorax of an ant's antenna and the spider looks as if it had six legs, like an actual ant. This Species are mostly found in India, China and South Eastern Asia.

3. Bird dung crab spider

This Spicies is found in Asia from Indonesia to Japan. Its body is covered on blobs and warts look like fresh piece of bird excrement. It often produces a small thread of unit silk and sits on it, so that it looks like the white stains caused by bird droppings falling on to leaves. It also smells like poop becuase of camouflage look Bird dund crab spider is unoppetizing prey for most animals and it serves as a lure for the small, excrement loving insects are these spiders favorite prey.

4. Bagheera kiplingi
This spider was named Bagheera kiplingi after Bagheera, the black panther character in The Jungle Book, and the book’s author Rudyard Kipling. It was seemingly named because of it’s panther-like agility, which is common to all jumping spiders. However, while all the other known jumping spiders are predators, Bagheera is almost completely vegetarian, feeding almost exclusively on acacia buds and nectar. They use their agility to escape the aggressive ants that usually protect acacia trees
from other animals.

5. Argyroneta Aquatica
This spider is the only completely aquatic spider in the world mostly found in Europe and Asia, lives in ponds, slow moving streams and shallow lakes. It can't take oxygen directly from water, so it traps air bubbles in the hairs that cover his body and legs.
Once hairs filled with air, the silk retreat becomes bell shaped- that is why they are also called Diving Bell Spider. The Bell shaped silk retreat filled with air gives a silvery shine, hence it is named as Argyroneta means "silvery Net". Since it spends most of its time inside the bell, therefore it has to replenish the air once in a while.

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