Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5 Most Amazing Tales on Medical

1. Miracally a woman found existing two DNA instead of one.
A lady 52 years old, named Karen Keegan a teacher in Bustan needed to have kidney transplant. She had three sons and were tested if they were acceptable donors. Soon the test, it revealed that two of her sons didn’t match her genetic profile. Further tests showed that she had Chimerism – a condition where two Fratemal twin grow in the womb, but first twin absorbs the other twin , making the resulting embryo contained two different set of DNA. Oftentimes in different parts of her body.

As her genetic profile did not match her three sons, so the question comes before the medical science whether Karen was the real mother of her three sons or not. Hence the doctors began tracking the second DNA set in her body and ultimately found it in her ‘Thyroid Gland’.

2.Precaution for Prolonged Medication therapy with sulfonamide
Do you remember Mr, Spok and Green Vulcan Blood in ‘Star Trek’ written by Kathleen Sky in 1978?

The story became as an authentic and amazing one in the Medical Science. In 2005, a 42 years patient was admitted with St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver , while he was inserting an arterial line by doctors. They were at surprise to see dark green blood trickled out of the patient instead of usual bright red, after falling asleep in a kneeling position.

The initial finding was ‘Met hemoglobin’ the condition when hemoglobin in blood can Not bind to ‘oxygen’. Further analysis of samples revealed another condition called ‘Sulfhemoglobianemia’ when ‘Hydrogen Sulfide combined with ‘Ferric ions ‘in blood to form ‘Sulfhemoglobin’ turns dark green dark red.

The doctors were of the opinion that such condition observed when patients’ use excessive and prolonged medication drugs containing ‘Sulfonamides (Sumatriptin – a Migraine medication, although it still unclear). The duration usually goes away with red blood cell tumover , although blood transfusion may be required in severe cases.

3. How the ‘Surgery’ conducted to remove pencil.
The 55-years old lady, found with a 3-inch pencil in her head that was lying for about 5-decadeds due to a childhood accident when she was of four years old. The technology during that time of her accident was not much developed, that’s why she had to wait till she is 55-years old.

She had the problem with her severe headache and nose bleeds for which she had checked up herself with number of doctors without any effect. However, in august 2007, she was admitted at Berlin’s Park Klinik and undergone treatment with Dr. Huns Behrbohm and a reputed ENT Specialist. Now due to the advanced technology, the doctor could locate the 3-inch pencil in Wegner’s Head and took out most of it safely- “This was something unique because the troma was too old”- said Dr. Huns said.

4. How & why she practically left blind ?
This is Melbourne in Australia, a mysterious case of disorder appeared before the doctors with a patient named Natalic Adler, whose eyes suddenly close involuntarily and left her blind three days out of six. She can’t open 3 days later, when it would close again.

The mysterious symptom first started on a Sunday morning when she was at the age of eleven. As per the case study she had just contracted a sinus and steph injection and woke up with swollen eyes, and that the condition started,The first symptom was the clamping of the eyes occur randomly, but after a while, it begun following a cycle. She had undergone check ups with hundreds of ‘Eye Specialists’ run tests on her, but could not find a direct cause or cure for the said disorder for two years. However the doctors treated her using “BOTOX” injection on her face, and somehow could make her to see five days out of six, but the treatment no longer worked permanent solution of getting her a normal eye vision.
5. Non-Stop laugh caused giggling communication.
Though it is said the technology of medical science is developing day by day but it cannot claim the highest reach. Some of the cases it is still lacking. Same is the case with a particular patient of 12-years old girl named Xu Pinghui from Chongging of China. The case study is as such that she has started laughing non-stop after developing high fever when she was just 8-moth old. Because of the mysterious condition, the girl has lost her ability to speak since she was 2-years old. She can only communicate herself through giggling. The cause of the disorder is still is mystery before the medical science. The Doctors are of the opinion that it might have being caused by damage to the “frontal lobe” due to the high fever and specialists are currently testing the theory.

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