Sunday, September 5, 2010

41 Unique Human Hairs

Human hairs are the one that can be easily modified. Modification of Hairs has became a style – some people change their weakness into a style and some people modify their healthy hairs into an artificial one. Do you do the same?

Here are Some Unique Hair Modifications… I’m sure you will like it! :)
badhairs_640_16 badhairs_640_17 badhairs_640_18 badhairs_640_19 badhairs_640_20 badhairs_640_32 badhairs_640_33 badhairs_640_34 badhairs_640_35 badhairs_640_36 badhairs_640_37 badhairs_640_38 badhairs_640_39 badhairs_640_40 badhairs_640_41 badhairs_640_42  badhairs_640_22 badhairs_640_23 badhairs_640_24 badhairs_640_25 badhairs_640_26 badhairs_640_27 badhairs_640_28 badhairs_640_29 badhairs_640_31 badhairs_640_01 badhairs_640_02 badhairs_640_03 badhairs_640_04 badhairs_640_05 badhairs_640_06  badhairs_640_08 badhairs_640_09 badhairs_640_10 badhairs_640_11 badhairs_640_12 badhairs_640_13 badhairs_640_14 badhairs_640_15

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1 comment:

Soendoro Soetanto said...

Hahahaha... weird hair cut. I will never dare to do that on my hair.

Soendoro Soetanto